Part 2 – What Lush ‘Essentials’ are in my Bathroom?

If you’re wondering where part 2 to this blog post may be then fear no more because here it is! The first part was more about what I ‘essentials’ I keep around my bath/shower and this part is more about what face care essentials I keep in the bathroom and use regularly. I hope you enjoy guys, this may be a bit more detailed as I think skin care is important!

My first ‘essential’ is my daily cleanser Ultrabland, which is available all year round in any Lush store and online too. This cleanser really cleans my skin, when I think I’ve cleaned all of my make up off on an evening, for example, Ultrabland proves me wrong! This cleanser is so moisturising too, with honey and almond oil, whilst been so gentle on the skin with ingredients such as rose water. I tried Ultrabland after I saw various stories about the 30 day challenge, I saw pictures of people faces really clearing up. Ultrabland is definitely saving my skin.

Smuggler’s soul: the best product to come out of the Father’s day range at Lush. This facial scrub is so so so good, it gives my face the weekly boost it needs. Smuggler’s Soul really gets rid of the dirt my skin tries to hold on to. The exfoliants in this are really gentle on the skin but still gives a good scrub. I take about a finger tip size and massage it into my skin, sometimes I leave it on for the duration of my bath/shower or sometimes it’s just a minute. I have never found that leaving it on the a while has hurt my skin. It has a really earthy scent, matching the Smuggler’s Soul perfume. My face feels lovely and bright after using it, this has a proud place in my bathroom.

Imperialis is a really good moisturiser for when your skin isn’t sure what it’s actually doing. It’s good for balancing the skin and restoring it back to what it should be for you. I don’t use this moisturiser every day, I stick to using it after a good Lush pamper of a face mask. I do this just because I prefer sticking to all Lush products when I’ve given my face a good rejuvenation, it is probably bad of me I know!

Grease Lightning go Grease Lightning! Sorry, I’m just a bit hurt that Lush didn’t make something similar for this products tag line. Anyway, this is one of the best products Lush sell, it’s definitely an essential that everybody needs in their bathroom. With witch hazel in, Grease Lightning really does zap smaller spots away and with bigger ones I find they have gone after a few applications. It has antibacterial properties too with lavender to soothe, what more you could you want. I’ve had this bottle for a little over a year now and I use it at least a few times a month.

Mirror Mirror on the wall… I brought this out of the Lush Kitchen earlier this year on a whim because I saw somebody say it smells similar Potion (my fave body lotion from Lush). I’m glad I brought it because although it nots quite Potion scented, it still has that lovely subtle rose and almond smell. The purpose of this neck cream is to tighten the skin, I use it on my neck and chest. I don’t use this as much as should considering how much I love the smell, that’s sort of why I keep it in my bathroom as a reminder oops.

Enchanted eye cream.. sounds magical and it is. When I use it! Again another product that I should use more often as it does help my eyes brighten up. It’s really gentle on the skin which is has to be for the area in which you’re applying it to. You don’t need a lot at all, a little goes a long way for sure.

Do you guys keep any essentials in your bathroom? Are any of them Lush? Do you use any of the ones I have talked about? It would be cool to find out. I hope all you reading have a really good Sunday whatever you’re doing!

Georgia x

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