Santa’s Christmas Shower Cream Review

Yum yum yum did someone say a cola scented shower cream? Lush did! Santa’s Christmas shower cream is out for Christmas this year at Lush and it’s perfect for all the sweet scent lovers.

The cream is quite thick, I feel I need to squeeze the bottle more than normal. The scent is strong, as I find creams are usually. Some scents are strong in the bottle but not out, but this one still is! The scent even lasts on my skin for quite a while.

When looking at the ingredients, I can’t actually fathom how it smells just like cola sweeties but it does! Mind you, I’m no Lush inventor! It shares its scent with the Reindeer and Robin fun that has been out previously out in the Christmas range at Lush.

I just wish this shower cream lathered loads more than it does, it has the smell but not the feel I wanted on my skin. I’ve heard a few people say the Naked version of this shower cream is lathers more so I will definitely compare the two next time I’m in store.

Overall, I think this is a great addition to the Lush Christmas range this year. From its’ name to its’ scent, it’ll be perfect for yourself or as a gift for somebody!

Have a fab Saturday and thanks for reading!

Georgia x

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