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What I hope being 22 will bring

It’s my birthday next week, I’ll be 22 and I’m scared to grow up ha! I’ve had a think of what I hope will happen next year, what I hope being 22 will bring me. Take a look…

Career Direction

I currently work in a university supporting students, I really do like the job but I am hoping this next year gives me some definite career bath to progress with. I thought my degree would open up more doors than it has. I want a job that I absolutely love, pays decent money but allows me to have time off and relax (part-timer!). I would love to be self-emplyed at one point too… ahhh life is too complicated! But I hope being 22 gives me some sort of direction.

To Keep my Current Friends Close

The last few years has certainly taught me that everybody is not your friend. They say they are, but when it comes down to the hard times they flee. Except for a handful of friends I’ve become closer with in the past year. They’re funny, caring, trustworthy and nonjudgemental. They have helped me with more than they know and I hope this next year brings us even closer, they are friends I want for life.

To Travel more

If you know me, then you’ll know I’m always looking for a holiday. I recently wrote my top ten destinations I’d love to travel to, so I’m hoping to get at least 2 of those ticked off. I  have been looking into doing Camp America next summer too and have a recruitment fair to attend to next month. I’ve started off the online application but I just want to meet the people, fingers crossed I’ll be travelling to amebic next summer.

Hope everybody reading has a fab Friday and a great weekend!

Georgia x

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