Berry Berry Christmas Naked Shower Gel Review

Berry Berry Christmas Naked/Solid shower gel – my first naked shower gel. At first I was doubting Lush as most people were, but I absolutely love the idea now!

Firstly, no waste! Naked packaging at its’ finest! Berry Berry smells stronger as a naked version compared to the bottled to me, although it does smell slightly sweeter naked.

It looks so pretty with the glitter in it and doesn’t look odd in your bathroom or wherever you want to store it. It does come with a black wax ‘lid’ to give it more of a bottled look (mine just fell off and rolled under the settee). I’ve got mine sitting in a little dish I brought from a holiday, I have seen others using the black lids to any Lush pots that were done with.

It lathers up so well! It works nicely straight onto your body but I would recommend to use it with a flannel or sponge as a little goes a long way, you definitely get a better wash with it on a flannel/sponge! It the shower I can smell the naked version on me more than I did with the bottled one.

Berry Berry has been used 4/5 times and doesn’t really look that much smaller so I think it’s going to last a while like Lush have stated. I’m so excited to try some of the other naked shower gels.

Have you tried any of the new naked products from Lush and what do you think? Have you got any favourites or do you prefer the bottled/tubbed versions of the shower items?

I hope you have a lovely Wednesday

Georgia x

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