Part 1 – What Lush ‘Essentials’ are in my bathroom?

Happy Tuesday guys!

I excessively hoard Lush products, so I cant keep my whole stash in the bathroom because there just isn’t enough room. To put this in perspective, on the last count I had 50 shower gels and they’re just the 250g bottles… I think I have a Lush problem. But, enough of that, let’s see which products I have in around my bath and shower shall we? I think Iโ€™ll do other bits like Face care on another post.

Twilight shower gel is my favourite at the moment! So this will stay in the bathroom for now, so it’s always close by for me to grab.

Next to him we have Prince Charming shower gel. I feel like I have an endless supply of Prince Charming and I don’t know how. It is one of my favourite scents but I have another 250g bottle somewhere and multiple 100g bottles. So this one is here so I can basically use it up a bit quicker.

Whoosh shower jelly! This was the first shower jelly I brought from Lush and that’s when I knew, me and Lush were gonna get along great. This just stays in the bathroom literally all the time, I use it to help make top my bubbles up in my bath or to wash with.

A rather scraggy looking Little Dragon reusable bubble bar. I do like this product but it’s in here more because I’m trying to use it up, if mom wants a quick bath I’ll use a bit of it to give her some bubbles. I also find it hard to store reusable bubble bars because they take a while to dry out, so any used ones usually stay in the bathroom until they’re done with.

Berry berry naked shower gel is amazing guys. If fresh crisp berry scents are your thing then this needs to be in your bathroom! It sits in this cute little fish from holiday at the side of the bath.

African paradise mmm. This is a body conditioner so we use it after our shower gels and let it moisturise us. I grab this in the shower when it feels particularly cold outside, I think it kind of protects my skin well.

The next part will be me showing what facial care I keep in our bathroom, just the essentials.

Have a great day whatever you’re up to, thanks for reading!

Georgia x

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