Mental Health

Self-Care Sunday

Yayyy, it’s Sunday. My favourite day of the week at the moment, purely because I get to pamper myself for a few hours.

On a Sunday, I go all out. I catch up on my favourite shows and vloggers, I do a bit of reading, a bit of drawing and of course I use some Lush stuff. I usually have a really nice Lush bath with a face mask. I do other small things like paint my nails and have a little tidy up of my room. I even get my clothes ready for my week at work, I’ve learnt this is better for me instead of rushing around every morning finding something to wear. I sometimes get my bag ready for the week too, all my different notebooks for work etc,. and sort my planner out for the week.

Getting organised with my clothes and bags may sound a bit meh but it really helps me feel ready for my week of work, something that gives me a little anxiety. So, feeling more in control of my week helps me feel less anxious for work!

Today my plans are to organise my things for the week first thing, then I get to catch up with the Ingham Family on Youtube, read some of ‘The Happy News’ by Emily Coxhead and have a lovely Lush bath with a face mask on.

Sundays just re-energise me, they get me ready for my week ahead. I calm all the anxiety that may have been building up in me all week and it really is my happy day! Mental health is really important so I’m trying to get into a routine of looking after myself.

Does anybody else make specific time for self-care? What do you get up to when it’s your self-care time?

I hope everyone reading this has an awesome Sunday!

Georgia x

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