Paperchase Haul

Happy Saturday guys!

Paperchase is one of my favourite shops! Their collections are gorgeous and their stationary is good value. The other week I got sent some offers because I have a ‘treat me’ loyalty account with them. One voucher was giving me £5 off an online order amongst other vouchers. So, of course, I headed to their website to see what I could treat myself too.

The first thing I looked for was a phone case. Mine broke the other day! I’m always dropping my phone so without a case on it, I was so nervous! Luckily my Paperchase order came pretty quickly and my new ‘I need a Vay-Cay’ phone case was quickly keeping my phone safe. I love it! The slogan is certainly me 24/7, the colours on it are great too. 22494925_10213910888557087_670386301_o

I’ve got a thing for notebooks, my desk draws have stacks of them. I’m one of those people that buys new things without using the old new things yet… but look how nice this notebook is! I love what it says about dreams, I’m feeling a little lost with where my life is going and what I want to do career wise. So, I think this notebook will be a good place to get all my ideas, hopes and dreams down into to.22473630_10213910888197078_1697551555_o

This folder looked awesome online but it looks even more amazing in person! I didn’t think it would be so holographic-y (?). This folder is so unique, I just love it! It’s such a gorgeous rose gold colour. I think I’m on the hunt now for more similar stationary to match with it.22553403_10213910888397083_1746151825_o

I love the size of this pencil case, it’s the right size for your hand bag. It doesn’t get bulky and heavy because you cant squeeze much in there. Just your essentials. The pattern is really light and colourful, perfect for spotting in your bag.22531940_10213910888117076_1212015176_o

Stickers!! I brought this set a few months ago because they had elephants on of course! I am running out and had to grab some of these in the sale. They’re perfect for decorating letters with.22473442_10213910888237079_1478534404_o

As if I haven’t got enough tote bags I went and brought another oops! This bag is part of their ‘No Probllama’ range, it will match some other bits and bobs I got from the range. You can never have too many bags right?!22494687_10213910888157077_860231187_o

Oh just look how cute this pen is?! I saw a random person with this pen in a coffee shop the other week and I regretted not asked them where it was from, but now I have one yay! I don’t think I’ll use it for now, I just want it to look cute on my desk hehe. 22497267_10213910888317081_1688449683_o

Ahhh, there’s so much I could buy in Paperchase but I have to give myself a limit sometimes. Until next time Paperchase, but let’s be honest, it’ll probably be very soon!

Georgia x

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