Friday Favourites – Lush Fragrances

I think most Lushies have a Lush perfume collection, whether it’s big or small, you just love your perfumes! I only started to appreciate Lush scents as perfumes and body sprays about a year ago and well, since then my perfume/body spray collection has grew and grew!

This Friday, I want to share my top 3 favourite fragrances from Lush at the moment. They’re ones I find myself reaching for more than the others recently. My favourites do change every other week though, I just love them all so much.

Tramp Liquid Perfume

Oh my gosh! I use to hate earthy scents until I smelt Tramp. Somebody was selling this on a Facebook Lush group and I snagged it, being curious me. I’m so glad I did because it sparked my Tramp love. Soon after I had the shower gel, then the shower jelly and body lotion. This perfume is so sophisticated and a really relaxing woody scent. The smell isn’t too overpowering for me and I usually spray twice on my neck and once on my wrists to dab together, the scent lasts on my skin quite good. A good 8-10 hours later and I can still subtly smell Tramp on me. The main ingredients are patchouli oil and oakmoss absolute.


Tank Battle Liquid Perfume

This beauty is new to Lush, it was released as part of their volume 4 collection of perfumes but is only available from the Oxford Street store or online. This perfume is so unique, it’s unlike another scent so it is really hard for me to describe it. When I smell it in the bottle, it smells like bubblegum but once sprayed onto my skin I get the muskiness of it. The smell is really strong to me, it lasts ages on my skin and when I get home about after my work day I can only smell the sweetness of it. The description that Lush themselves give it is spot on, it’s bubblegum and rain. The main ingredients are: labdanum resinoid, patchouli oil and clove bud oil.


Love Body Spray

All you need is Love… Love shares its’ scent with Fizzbanger bath bomb that recently got discontinued so I am kind of replacing my need for the bath bomb by smelling similar to it! This florally spicy body spray is available at the Oxford Street, Cardiff Spa stores and online. Love does come in a perfume format, only at Oxford Street and online again. I also spray my body sprays my clothes, bags, scarves etc rather than the skin. The scent stays on my clothes well and I don’t feel like it’s overwhelming like other body sprays such as Rose Jam (also a fave though!). If you’re missing the Fizzbanger bath bomb, this body spray will help! The main ingredients are: lemongrass oil, jasmine, bergamot, ylang ylang and rose.


I enjoyed writing this post and I might do a monthly Friday Favourites with other Lush products such as shower gels and bubble bars etc,. I hope you all have a fab Friday and thanks for reading!

Georgia x

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