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Wishful Wednesday – Vegan Eat Outs

Happy Wednesday guys! Today I want to share with you my wishlist for places I want to eat vegan at. Over the last few years and even the last few months there are increasingly more places where vegans can eat a good meal. They’re not just given a plate of chips and dry salad. Places have started to add more vegan options to their menus such as Pizza Express and Zizzi’s, they’re two favourite chain restaurants we like going to. There are so many more places I want to try, there are two chain restaurants in my list but the others are more independent. I definitely want to try the vegan menus at these chain places but most of the time I prefer to support smaller businesses.


In the past few weeks Wagamama have created a new vegan and vegetarian menu! I’ve always loved Wagamama so it’s refreshing to see them add more vegan options for sure! To be honest, everything sounds amazing on it (minus the mushrooms, blegh!). I’m surprised as the number of vegan main meals there are, I cant wait to try some dishes out!

Vegan and Vegetarian Menu at Wagamama!
ASK Italian

I’ve always found this place more expensive, treated it as a special occasion place, to be honest I haven’t looked at their menus recently and that’s evident as I completely missed that they now have a vegan menu. My friend told me about it a few weeks and I’ve been wanted to go ever since! Looking at the menu, there is a good selection to try and the prices are actually good. I’m happy that they even have a separate kids vegan menu!

Pizza! 📷: cfcatmama
Natural Healthy Foods

Natural Healthy Foods have two locations in Birmingham, there spot on Suffolk Street is an eatery as well as a store, whilst Digbeth is home to just a store. This place has been recommend a number of times to me by vegans, not just to shop but to eat in too. Looking at their Instagram feed everything looks delicious and healthy. IG: naturalhealthyfood | Suffolk Street & Alison Street, Birmingham.

Yum Yum! 📷: @naturalhealthyfood
V Rev 

This place looks absolutely amazing, I’ve been stalking their Instagram since my last trip to Manchester. Unfortunately on the day I went it was closed!! They do ‘Beefy Burgers’ and ‘Chkn Burgers’ amongst other dishes. They even have vegan cocktails and milkshakes, I need to go immediately! It’s the first and only 100% vegan eatery in the Manchester City. IG: vrevmcr | Edge Street, Manchester.

How Good does this look?! 📷: vrevmcr
Temple of Seitan

Did somebody say vegan fast food? Vegan fried chik’n? Mmm, yes please! The last time I was in London, I tried to eat here and the queue was literally out the door and I was meeting friends so didn’t have the time to wait. The next time I go to London and I’m near Hackney, I’m there! This place is 100% vegan and has GF options. IG: templeofseitan | Morning Lane, London.

Just look at this!! 📷: Temple of Seitan
Eat a Pitta

A friend told me about this place after I said I wasn’t a big fan of falafel… I am willing to give this place a try though because falafel must taste nice in something right?! This place has 4 locations in Bristol, catering for vegans another dietary requirements too! IG: eatapittabristol | St Nicholas Market, Gloucester Road, Broadmead and Clifton Triangle all in Bristol.

Ok, this does look good… 📷: eatapittabristol

Have you eaten vegan at any of these places? Or do you know of any other places that do really good vegan food? Let me know, I’m always around to chat! I hope all my readers have a fab Wednesday.

Georgia x

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