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Health and Happiness Planning

22396703_10213874446766065_1895373527_oYesterday I was out shopping and stumbled across this planner in Wilko’s, I’ve always loved stationary and Wilko’s ranges have had some of my favourites. I haven’t looked for a while and yesterday I wasn’t expecting to see a ‘Health and Happiness Planner’ and at £2.50 I quickly grabbed the last one off the shelf!

At the moment, I feel a little lost within myself. I feel like my life is due a big shake up, because at the moment I feel like I am only existing and not living. I have dreams and goals but I have no resources to reach them, so at the moment I am feeling pretty stuck.

I thought buying this planner will help me to get the basics back on track. This planner has 6 tabs: mood, happiness, sleep, mindfulness, healthy lifestyle and notes. In the mood tab, you can keep track of your feelings and write down what you’re thankful for each week. The happiness tab is where you can set goals, measure, plan and understand why they’re important to you. You can write down how you will achieve them and how you will reward yourself after. The sleep tab excited me the most, as at the moment I am feel constantly exhausted. In this tab you can note your bedtime, wake up time and how many hours your slept. But you can also write about your sleep quality and note your dreams! The mindfulness tab is where you can simply write about your activity and your thoughts whilst doing it, this will be the tab I struggle with the most as I find it hard to talk about my thoughts during an activity. The example they gave does give me a bit more confidence: the activity was eating a snack and the thoughts were that they enjoyed eating slower and could taste the food properly. The healthy lifestyle tab gives you the space to write down your food including the calories, your steps, and what exercise you did.

This planner will be a great tool to me, it will me to gain back control on areas of my life which I feel I have lost. I cant wait to start using it, my birthdays soon and I feel like this year needs to be my year. The first page on each tab has a positive quote, just little reminders to help you on your journey.

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