Two Things I’m Glad I did in my Teens

Ugh, teenage years. Most of us want to forget about them immediately but they did provide good life lessons, you gotta give them that. I’m nearly 22 and sometimes I feel older than I am, it’s like all of a sudden adulthood hit me. Sometimes I try and escape but some things such as getting a job and supporting yourself are things you cant afford to avoid forever. In my teens I did two things that I’m sooo glad I did, I did them at a younger more carefree time, if I did them now something tells me they wouldn’t be as enjoyable…

Learnt to Drive

I’m so relieved I learnt to drive when I was 17, mainly because I don’t think I would have the courage to learn now. I knew that I wanted to drive as soon as I left school, so my mom paid for me to have off-road lessons before my 17th birthday. I got a part time job which helped pay for my share of my lessons. It was very expensive but I think it would be more expensive to learn now. I am going to say something cheeky, but if I had to learn now I would have to fork out every penny myself, whereas when I was 17 my mom was more willing to help me. I had this image in my head of passing my test first time round, going home and driving my friends to Maccies on the same day. I failed my first test and I cried. It was a huge wake up call for me and it told me that not everything is always going to go as planned!! I passed my test 6 weeks later, a month short of my 18th birthday, and had to wait another 6 weeks before I could get my own car. Thanks to my part time job, I finally was able to afford (on my own!!) my first little run around. I felt so responsible and grown up, it was awesome. To be honest, the whole driving experience I’ve had so far has gave me multiple wake up calls. Driving was my first insight into the real world, where you have to take responsibility for your actions. I’m glad I got lessons out of the way at that age, I feel like now at 21 there are other important things that money needs to go. I hold my pink little driving license card with pride now, 4 years strong.

Moved out

At 18, a month before my 19th birthday, I moved out! I only moved out to university, but it has now become one of the best decisions I have made. My university was only 40 minutes max from my home, I could have easily stayed at home and saved money but I didn’t want to. I wanted to become independent and get out from under my moms roof, even if it would only be for a few years (two to be precise). I decided a week before the move in date that I was going, I started to pack up my room and loaded it all into Little Ez (my first car). When my mom left me at university, I cried on the first night, because that’s when it hit me that this brand new place was going to be my home for the year. Fast forward a few months and I felt that I had grown up so much. I had all this freedom, I didn’t have to tell anyone where I was going. It was amazing. The main reason I’m glad I moved out then was that when I move out now, in my twenties, I won’t be expecting such a massive slap in the face. But also, because now it would be kind of boring. Moving out now would include me having to budget money, having to make sure I eat properly, making sure the place is tidy. Just thinking of my those things now makes me realise that at 18, everything was less of a worry and things were not that serious then. I enjoyed moving out at 18, I am so happy I go to experience the fun side of moving out rather than the serious and stressful experience I’d probably have doing it now.


Georgia x

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