Accidentally Vegan Snacks

Over the past year I became a vegetarian and my mom became a vegan. Our household foods are mainly vegan, I eat 90% vegan at home because we eat the same meals, we’ll just get the vegan alternative for most things rather than buying two separate things etc,. I’ve definitely noticed that my mom has found it hard to find some good snacks that are vegan at first. Over the past few months we’ve found some snacks that are ‘accidentally vegan’ and we’re loving them! So if you didn’t know if these were vegan then I hope you’re about to get as excited as we were!

Skips Prawn Cocktail crisps

Yes you’ve read right, prawn cocktail crisps! Even as a veggie I didn’t bother to look at any prawn cocktail flavoured crisps because I assumed they’d all have crustaceans in! I’m so happy that I decided to look at the ingredients one day though, because now we can happily snack on these crisps. Walkers standard prawn cocktail are also vegan but I prefer Skips (and cheaper brands such as Snackrite) because they tingle and melt on your tongue. Mmm!

Go Ahead Chocolate Orange cookie bites

We stumbled across these goodies in Herons (the really cheap bargain shop) and I think we were most excited about these because we’ve experienced that most chocolate snacks aren’t vegan. These are either 59p or 69p for a multipack bag of 6, you really cannot complain! I never really been a fan of chocolate and orange flavours together but oh my goodness, these are perfect for when you’re craving something sweet and crunchy.

Chewits Strawberry Laces

I eat these sweets religiously and even though my mom is more of a savoury person, she can’t help but delve into one or two laces too! When I first went veggie I was gobsmacked at how many sweets have gelatine in, I was dreading sweet snack time because I couldn’t seem to find much gelatine free ones I liked. Looking for vegan sweets is even harder, as most vegetarian sweets still have things such as beeswax in. We spotted these sweets in Home Bargains for 89p and I almost chocked when I realise they were vegan too!

I love stumbling across ‘accidentally vegan’ foods, if you have any favourite vegan snacks then please let me know as I’d love to try more!

Happy Snacking

Georgia x


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