Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel Review

Happy Wednesday guys! It’s day 4 of #Blogtober already! Here’s a quick review of a shower gel from Lush’s winter range that is gracing us with its’ presence this year.

So, it’s that time of the year when the ‘Lushoween’ and ‘Lushmas’ ranges are hitting stores on Friday (6th October)! Products have been available online and at the Oxford Street store since the Lush Creative showcase, so you may have already tried a few bits.


Lush have brought out seven shower gels/creams this year as part of their winter range, however two are brand new products: Berry Berry Christmas and Santa’s Christmas. I picked up Berry Berry Christmas shower gel at the showcase last month, I was torn between picking up this and Santa’s Christmas shower cream, but it was the glitter in Berry Berry that pulled me in.

22281181_10213832413955271_934726652_oI used Berry Berry as soon as I got home from the showcase because I was so eager! I think the description on the bottle suits the scent really well… fresh and crisp! I would describe the shower gel as one of Lush’s more refreshing products. Within the Lush community, we saw a few sneak peaks and a few people may have been hoping that this gel would be similar in smell to the Comforter shower cream that was recently discontinued from Lush. They definitely aren’t similar. Berry Berry Christmas has a much more mature berry scent with cranberry being the main ingredient, compared to the Comforters’ being  blackberry and vanilla. Although I do think the two scents would go together really well.


22243517_10213832414035273_427786461_oWith this shower gel, I feel like you may have to use a bit more than you would with other gels, I didn’t find this gel lathered up as well as others do. The scent isn’t too strong for me neither once I have washed with it, this doesn’t bother me so much but I think some people may have to use quite a bit to allow the scent to really stay on the skin.



Berry Berry Christmas isn’t one that I’ll be stocking up on from this years winter range, but I think I’ll make good use of this bottle. I feel it will pair really well with sweet, fresh and earthy products from Lush such as Tramp, Grass and the Comforter. I do think this shower gel will fit in with the other products this Christmas, it’s something new for people to try and I don’t doubt that it will be a few peoples’ favourite.

Georgia x


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