Love Lettuce Face Mask

Love Lettuce Face Mask

Love Lettuce
Description on the pot: “Effective, exfoliating face mask to give normal to oily skin a radiant glow. With polishing almond shells, softening almond oil, soothing lavender oil and the magical tightening action of Fullers Earth.”
I got this face mask when I returned 5 clean and empty pots to my local Lush store, the staff said they’ve never seen any so clean (just putting that out there hehe). Anyway, I asked for something that was kind to oily and dry skin for me and my mom to use together, I knew I was asking for gold but they recommended Love Lettuce as it’s for oily to normal skin.
Love Lettuce in the Pot
We kept it in the fridge for 4 days before we got a chance to use it, it felt so refreshing going onto the skin straight from the fridge, anyone would appreciate it on a hot humid day. We didn’t even use half of the 75g tub between us so we popped it back into the fridge.
Before you use any face mask, you should test it on a small area of your skin, to make sure you are not allergic to it! Also, make sure you’ve washed/cleansed your face before you use a face mask. After the face mask I’m not sure if it’s best to tone and moisturise or not? I will explain further on.
I used this face mask again tonight as I needed something to brighten me up! A week after being put back in the fridge it was still quite fresh. I washed my face with my Coalface Soap and then applied the face mask. You can see that the face mask absorbs into your skin, doing good. I took pictures just after applying it, at 5 minutes and at 10 minutes later. There isn’t much difference between the 5 minute picture and the 10 minute, so I think next time I will just leave it on for 5 minutes. It does say 5-10 minutes on the pot, but I suppose this depends on preference.
After Applying the mask
10 Minutes after Application
5 Minutes after Application
Love Lettuce was messier to apply the first time but not so messy the second time round, when you apply it you can feel the bits of almond shells exfoliating your skin lightly. Whilst I had it on, I could feel my skin tightening ever so slightly, thanks to the Fullers Earth. But it also felt soothing with the lavender oil (one of my favourite Lush ingredients). The face mask was quite easy to remove with a flannel and left my skin feeling so soft.
Now, the first time I used it I did not use my toner afterwards, I just moisturised it straight away. This time round, I used my toner and then moisturised, it didn’t feel as soft as without the toner. I’m not sure if my Tea Tree toner removed some of Love Lettuce’s work, I will have to read into this a bit more.
I will definitely be using Love Lettuce again, it does help to exfoliate the skin without scratching it, whilst tightening it. It’s probably the best face mask to get from Lush if you want something to benefit majority of skin types in your house and if you want something exfoliating. It leaves your skin looking and feeling more balanced and bright! The smell is not for me, but it feels great on and leaves a nice feel on my skin. It was a great grab as a thank you from Lush for recycling their pots. I will be trying some more face masks out over the next few months.
The Amount left after
3 Applications
Available in store and online | 75g / £6.95 | Vegan? No
Thanks for reading
Georgia x

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